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People around the world are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional weight loss options. One that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health without requiring invasive treatments such as harmful drugs or surgery. Please take the time to meet our staff dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness and weightloss objectives. As a patient at Doctor's Health Solutions we personally tailor a weightloss program specifically targeted to your neeeds using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.


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Hi, my name is Dr. Samuel Forlenza Jr. I understand how you may have some questions, and you might even be a little anxious to begin this incredible weight loss journey because being overweight most of my adolescence and adult life and trying everything under the sun to lose weight and nothing ever working for good…I know how skeptical you must feel. But first I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and my story, and what prompted me to discover Doctors Health Solutions.

I grew up in an Italian family back East. As a child it was ingrained in me… We ate when we were happy. We ate when we were sad. We ate when we were nervous. We ate when someone got engaged, married, and even when they died. We ate when someone moved into the neighborhood, or when they moved away from the neighborhood. You get the point…Every occasion growing up revolved around food! I remember still eating lunch with my mother and we were already planning what we were going to eat for dinner! It was an insult if you walked into my mother’s house and didn’t sit down and eat! In an Italian culture, feeding your family was showing love for your family. I get it. Unfortunately, however, these habits didn’t die when I grew up and went to college. In college, I ate when I was nervous. I ate when I was stressed. I ate before I went to bed at night. Only I began to eat more junk, because my family wasn’t around to support me. I learned in school proper nutrition, and I knew how I was supposed to eat and treat my body, but it was so hard to break the life-long habits engrained within me.
As a practicing doctor, my weight fluctuated up and down, but the emotional eating never left me. I tried counting points, pre-packaged meals, not to mention my life-long membership to the Gym (no I’m not kidding!), and don’t ask me how many times I used it either! I bought several programs on TV infomercials late at night. My wife’s joke was instead of the p something x, my program was the p365x because mine sat in the closet for over a year unopened, until she finally gave it away. I knew in the back of my mind that I really needed to do something about my weight, and over the years I tried this program or that program and nothing ever worked! EVER! My food addiction continued. As I got older, the weight really started to effect my health. I had difficulty playing with my kids out in the yard. I was out of breath climbing steps. I couldn’t bend over and tie my shoes without becoming out of breath. At 5’10” I’m not a tall guy, but as my weight ballooned to 220 pounds then 230 pounds, then at 239… It happened. I will never forget that day, the day that I knew in the back on my mind would someday happen but hoping it would never happen… but it was a day that changed my life… forever.
February 3, 2012, It was a Friday night. My oldest son was at his middle school dance. Our other two children were at my parent’s house visiting. After the dance was over, my wife and I were in charge of picking up several of the boys and driving them home. We ate Chinese food before picking up the boys. It was after the Chinese food that I started feeling sick. I had terrible indigestion. My stomach hurt. My wife kept insisting that it was just the food. As we were dropping off the boys, I kept feeling worse and worse. The back of my neck started hurting. The pain started radiating down my left arm. My wife was in denial and kept insisting that it was just bad food. When we arrived back home, my son (now an Eagle Scout), scurried upstairs and brought down his Boy Scout manual and turned to page 166 “Symptoms of a Heart Attack.” He began to ask me a series of questions of which I answered “Yes” to every single one. He then told my wife that we needed to call 911 and get me to the hospital. At the hospital, it was confirmed that I had my first heart attack, and that I would need an Angiogram to determine if I needed a stent or something more like bypass surgery. It was during the Angiogram that it happened again… they were placing the stent in when nicked my artery and sent me this time into a major heart attack! I was seconds away from having to have my chest cut open. I remember the crushing pain on my chest, like having an elephant on top of my chest. I remember looking up at the surgical nurse and I asked her if I was going to die. She looked down at me through her glasses, pulled down her surgical mask and told me “not on my watch, not today you’re not!” Unbeknownst to me, the open heart surgery team was scrubbed in and ready to go in the next operating room. The cardiologist was able to re-stent and stent and avoid me from having open heart surgery that day. After two heart attacks, and seeing my life flash before my eyes with the possibility of leaving behind three young children (my youngest was 5 at the time), I was finally at the end of my rope. I knew I had to find a solution to my life-long problem with food and my weight. I also made a vow to God that I would help save other people from suffering the misery of going through what I went through. Not to mention what I put my wife and kids through. It was very scary for my young kids to be faced with the possibility of losing their father. For that I am so sorry for putting them through that, all for something that I could have prevented. After all… I did this to myself. I’m a doctor. I shouldn’t have let this happen. But After February 3, 2012, I vowed to myself and to my family to find a solution to my problem with food and my weight, and when I did; I promised to share it and help as many people as I could.
I got released from the hospital after a few days, and I was exhausted… It took me months to recuperate and try to get my strength back. When I got home I tried to eat a low fat diet. I also went to cardiac rehab several times a week. I was able to successfully lose a little weight. My weight went from 239 to 225, but I couldn’t get any lower no matter how much fat I removed from my diet or how much I went to cardiac rehab. I knew for my height I needed to get down to 190 or below to be truly healthy again. I even tried counting points again to get my weight down… but I felt hungry and deprived. I couldn’t go the long haul on that diet. NO WAY!!!
Then, along with my wife we started taking the drops. I was amazed when I wasn’t hungry. I quickly began losing weight! She started losing weight on the program. Together we lost 65 pounds in 40 days! The coolest part was that when I was through the program, I no longer had those ravenous cravings like I had before. Was this really going to work for me finally??? My father and mother in law saw how thin my wife and I were getting on the program and asked what we were doing. My father in law is another story. His success story is included in this manual. My father in law lost 40 Pounds in 40 Days and my mother in law lost 30 pounds in 40 days. So now between the four of us we’ve lost 135 pounds in 40 days! Not to mention that we’ve been able to reduce a lot of the medicines or come off of them all together because we’ve been able to take the weight off. Here’s the cool part…. We’ve kept the weight off ever since…. All of us!
After we successfully lost the weight, transformed our lives, and the most important part…kept it off, I decided that I would have some of my patient’s try the product. One by one, my patients began dropping pounds by the hundreds… I mean the hundreds!!! I have shared some of their success stories with you in this guide. I am blessed to be able to help them transform their lives. If I can save one person from having to go through what I went through then I’ve done my job. If I can save one life, then it makes everything worthwhile. I can tell you I hear countless stories of how patients who were unable to fit into a booth at a restaurant can now request to sit into a booth because they can do so comfortably. Patient’s tell me that they no longer have to ask for the extension strap on the airplane… Success! I had a patient who was almost confined to a scooter when he shopped because of the debilitating pain his weight was causing him… now he tells me that he runs through Wal-Mart…Success! Patient’s being able to golf again because they are able to walk the course again. Patient’s being able to play with their kids in the back yard, and not sit and watch. Patient’s being able to wear shoes that lace up and not slip ons because they can tie them. Patients that were on 164 units of insulin per day for 8 years, who are no longer on ANY injected insulin whose sugar stays stable between 80-100 now after going through my program. Patients who were on 13 medicines per day who now only take 5 medicines per day. Patients who were itching for years, so bad that they had scars and scabs all over their body, who finally had relief of the internal itch that no one could help her with. Patient’s that tell me that after 70 years of struggling with their weight, after bypass surgery…that they finally feel that they KNOW how to eat, they no longer have cravings, no that If they want something they can have it. They finally know how to respond to the scale every day. They are no longer afraid of the scale.
After helping my family, friends, and my patients put an end to their yo-yo dieting like I did, I decided that I can help people beyond the walls of my office and beyond my community.
I don't explain my story to frighten anyone or to shed any negative light. I tell my story because I want you to understand that I’m not some crazy doctor trying to tell you how to lose weight without ever understanding how truly difficult it is to battle obesity. I’ve battled obesity all of my life to the point where the disease almost took my life. Obesity doesn’t have to be a death sentence. That’s the coolest part. You can win the war against obesity. I truly believe with all my heart that the journey you are about to embark on and the information that you will learn in this program will give you the Freedom and direction you need to help you break the chains of poor health and obesity as well as guide you to help fight against the terrible diseases that are linked to excessive weight.

Best In Health,
Dr. Sam Forlenza Jr.


Dr Samuel Forlenza Jr., PscD

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